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Capacity building of urban service providers in Myanmar

Field Project

Start date End date Budget Funding
01/09/2017 30/09/2020 615000 €


Rosamur project is implemented within the framework of a capacity building program initiated end of 2015, and aiming to improve the quality of environmental services in Myanmar cities through the establishment of a network of actors, the provision of trainings, the organization of sharing experience events and the implementation of pilot investment projects. The city of Magway, located in the Dry Zone of Myanmar, has been selected to implement a first integrated project including water supply, sanitation and solid waste management components. Strongly focused on the strengthening of the capacities of the services’ operators of the city, the Township Development Committe (TDC) of Magway, the project aims to improve the performance of the services provided to the 75,000 inhabitants of the city. In terms of water supply, activities are thus mainly centred on the enhancement of the commercial management of the service and on the reduction of losses in a central area of the city. As for sanitation, the lack of baseline data led to focus the support on the carrying out of a comprehensive assessment study and of an action plan to improve the situation at the city scale. Regarding solid waste management, the project aims to improve the primary collection of domestic wastes in a central zone of the city, to optimize the collection modalities at the city scale and to build a composting unit for the market wastes. Awareness-raising campaigns targeting the population also contribute to foster the impacts of the investments. Finally, experience sharing and training events organized with service providers from other cities of the country enable to share the lessons learnt and to improve capacities of operators beyond the city of Magway.

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