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Capacity building of urban services providers


Start date End date Budget Funding
01/01/2016 31/12/2017 46434 € French Embassy


The Project’s objective is to improve the performances of environmental services delivered in Myanmar cities. Noticing that the quality of services such as water supply, sanitation, solid waste management, etc. was often far below acceptable standards, the French Embassy in Myanmar requested GRET to prepare an innovative project contrasting with usual infrastructural investments projects undertaken to tackle this issue. The initial assessment conducted in several cities concluded that service operators’ capacities with regard to service management were often limited. Moreover, it was clearly shown that there was no sharing of experience or expertise among cities while most of them face similar issues and while local expertise does exist. It was therefore decided that the project should support the emergence of an intercity network to facilitate exchanges among services managers and, on the other hand, build capacities of operators through specific trainings, mutual support and mentoring. The first cycle of the project, implemented in 2016 and dedicated to the water supply sector allows testing the proposed approach. As the first main milestone, a seminar gathering water services managers from the 15 capital cities of States and Divisions as well as Myanmar, Cambodian and French experts was organized. This event successfully initiated the dialog among stakeholders and enabled refining potential synergies among cities. Pilot activities defined on this basis will be tested and used to develop a broader program which will also include the implementation of small-scale and medium size projects to meet urgent needs and to contribute to capacity building of operators.

“Capacity building of urban servicies managers in Myanmar” Seminar held in Mandalay in october 2017