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Enhancing livelihood, income generation and resilience of the vulnerable population in South Chin and North Rakhine (Myanmar)

Projet de terrain

Date de début Date de fin Budget Financement
01/10/2016 30/09/2020 5000000 € Union européenne ( UE )


Partenaire(s) Nord : Triangle génération humanitaire (TGH)


Chin and Rakhine States are identified as very vulnerable States in Myanmar, weakened by frequent disasters and confronted to major local challenges. GRET and its partners are implementing an integrated and connected project in 3 Townships of Union of Myanmar: Paletwa and Matupi in Southern Chin state but also Kyauktaw in Northern Rakhine state. Paletwa and Kyauktaw Townships are both particularly facing peace threats (conflict between the Arakan Army and the Burmese Army leading to temporary displaced villages) and are concerned by challenges due to new main investments related to the Kaladan Project.

The overall objectives (impact) aim at (i) contributing to poverty alleviation, food and nutritional security and income generation in the Northern Rakhine State and the Southern Chin State, and (ii) contributing to resilience of the vulnerable households to cope with peace opportunities and new investments in the region and to secure the natural resources access and use. The specific objective (outcome) is to increase the vulnerable households’ living conditions and resilience in Kyauktaw, Paletwa and Matupi Townships through securing livelihoods and income generation, and strengthening the CBOs/CSOs’ and dialogue capacities.

The intermediary outcomes (results) and the outputs of the project are:

  • Farm production, income and diversified food have sustainably increased in Kyauktaw, Paletwa and Matupi Townships through the establishment of sustainable and improved techniques, crop diversification, access to training and advisory services
  • The households of Paletwa and Kyauktaw Townships have improved access to sanitation and safe water and have better practices in terms of safe water use, sanitation and hygiene
  • Financial services to the rural communities of Matupi Township are set up and operational
  • The rural households and their communities located in Paletwa, Matupi, and Kyauktaw Townships (and specifically along the Kaladan River) have secured their access and improved the sustainable use of natural resources through support to information and consultative process
  • The households, their communities, the local CBO/CSOs and national NGOs are engaged in regular dialogue and are sensitized on peace process

The project targets to improve the living conditions of 8000 households and their communities.