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Monywa/Eau 47

Establishing water supply cooperation in Monywa (Myanmar)

Appui technique

Date de début Date de fin Budget Financement
15/08/2015 31/01/2016 11900 €


The project consists in supporting a French water and sanitation utility, the Syndicat EAU47, to establish a decentralized cooperation with Monywa Township, in the Dry Zone of Myanmar. The creation of this long-lasting relationship between two local authorities in charge of the management of water and sanitation services aims at improving the living conditions of Monywa population. Within this framework, GRET collected baseline data regarding the access to water and sanitation services in Monywa and identified related challenges and needs. The institutional set-up of the sector was also been assessed in order to better understand the organizational framework and to identify relevant counterpart. Finally, GRET facilitated the field visit of a delegation of the Syndicat EAU47 in October 2015 and supported the latter to prepare a triannual program (2016-2018). The scope of the program and the implementation modalities are under discussion and will be formalized in an agreement to be signed between the Syndicat EAU47, the Regional Government of Sagaing and Monywa Township