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Rhyviere II - Madagascar

Hydroelectricity and the environment in Madagascar

Field Project

Start date End date Budget Funding
01/12/2015 30/06/2021 7250000 € FFEM – Fonds français pour l’environnement mondial, Union européenne ( UE )


  • Only 5 % of the rural population in Madagascar has electricity. Between 2008 and 2015, GRET led the rural electrification project Rhyviere (Hydroelectric village network: energy and environmental respect), which made it possible for 2,500 families living in 5 rural communes to access electricity. On the strength of this experience and the lessons learnt from it, Rhyviere II is replicating and complementing this approach:
    • Via projects to create higher capacity hydroelectric power stations: with minimum capacity of 300 kW per station, to provide electricity to rural families and create a lever for economic development in zones of intervention.
    • By developing a mechanism for communal planning of electricity requirements to identify decentralised electric solutions suitable for villages that are isolated from the main electricity supply network. The concession area of the licensee is extended in order to cover the entire territory in communes of intervention.
    • By fully integrating environmental considerations into the project, in order to guarantee sustainability of the water resource and continuity of the service. Local stakeholders will be associated with the project to define methods of sharing the water resource and best agricultural practices in the watershed. Systems of Payments for environmental services (PSE) could be rolled out.

    GRET is leading the project and ensuring its overall coordination. More specifically, it is steering the access to electricity aspect of the project (technical studies and monitoring of construction work on hydroelectric stations) and its environmental aspect. It is leading the project in partnership with three structures:

    • Cite, a Malagasy NGO specialising in support for small businesses. Cite is in charge of identifying and supporting the creation of economic activities focusing on electricity;
    • Enea Consulting, a French energy consulting firm. Enea coordinates studies conducted on the impacts of the project and the search for innovative funding solutions, including via carbon funding;
    • The French Institute for Research and Development (IRD), a research centre specialising in development. The IRD supports and advises GRET on the environmental aspect of the project, especially on environmental diagnoses and co-construction of solutions to make the water resource sustainable.


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