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Promoting the expansion of water networks and standpipes – Phase 1 (DRC)

Start date End date Budget Funding
23/09/2013 31/10/2014 728538 €


Despite the fact that it has one of the most extensive hydrographic networks in the world and therefore no lack of water, the Democratic Republic of Congo has one of the lowest rates of coverage in terms of drinking water and sanitation services in the world (respectively 24 % and 10 % in rural areas in 2011 according to UNDP).

The DRC is in fact emerging from a difficult period which marked the collapse of the State and a civil war. Throughout this period, a series of water networks were built with relative informality in an ad hoc manner by a variety of stakeholders. These systems and the mechanisms underpinning their operation have never been independently evaluated.

This study, funded by the World Bank Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP) aims to make an inventory of all existing networks in small towns in the DRC, and to make an in-depth analysis of their operation in order to propose recommendations in terms of management, monitoring and regulation. It aims to nourish reflection underway with a view to changing the sectoral framework. The study is coordinated by GRET in partnership with local NGO Adir and SeeSaw, a South-African company that develops mobile tools for the sector.

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