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Strengthening Civil Society in the Delta through a Small Grants Fund establishment

Projet de terrain

Date de début Date de fin Budget Financement
18/10/2016 30/06/2019 1927180 € LIFT


The livelihoods system theory considers that livelihoods are formed within social, economic, political and environmental contexts. The full engagement of private, public and civic sectors is necessary to the improvement of the livelihoods for the vulnerable people. The three inter-related sectors are indeed part of the livelihoods system and need to be strengthened. Civil society is the foundation that enables an equitable distribution between public and private sectors. A weak civil society results in uneven economic and social relationships: the poor and vulnerable becoming poorer and more vulnerable.

LIFT has decided to open a specific funding window to enable local organizations to access funds and develop actions in support to rural livelihoods. GRET has been selected to manage this funding system in the Delta due to its experience in supporting local rural initiatives in the region since 2008.

GRET proposition for the Delta is emphasizing on three key principles: i) Building a funding mechanism that can be continued in the mid-term (subject to getting new funding) with the withdrawal of Gret as fund manager ; ii) Creating an inclusive governance to the funding mechanism relying on the existing and legitimate civil society stakeholders ; iii) Social mobilization and technical support to civil society organizations to develop actions and provide services to their constituents.

The long-term project outcome is that civil society plays a more effective role in the livelihoods system at the township level. The 3 intermediate outcomes are :

  • A funding system for CSOs is known, legitimate and sustainable
  • Civil society has increased capacity to achieve their social change goals
  • Civil society uses networking to share learning and / or for joint action