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Supporting young people to employment in southern Senegal

Field Project

Start date End date Budget Funding
01/01/2018 31/12/2020 2162500 € European Union, Union européenne ( UE )


North partner(s) : ADG


The AjeSud project aims to promote the employment and professional integration of young people in migrant departure areas through better access to financial and non-financial resources.

AjeSud is part of the EU’s “Developing Employment in Senegal” (DES) program and complementing the ACEFOP (OS2) component of the DES program, which aims to facilitate young people’s access to vocational training, but also the component aimed at strengthening the fabric of local businesses (OS1 of the DES program). Based on a consultation framework between the actors concerned (ACEFOP partners, SAE organizations and financial service providers), AjeSud’s objective is to reinforce synergies between actors and to offer financial support systems. and non-financial adapted to young autoentrepreneurs and SMEs of Ziguinchor, Sédhiou, Kolda, Kédougou and Tambacounda regions. The selection of non-financial business support service providers and financial institutions that will receive methodological and financial support throughout the project in order to build their capacity over time also helps to consider the continuation of the project. offers services after the end of the project.

The Action plans to target self-employed entrepreneurs from 15 to 35 years of age who benefit from professional training in the framework of SO2 and the SEVTs, which includes GIEs and cooperatives, accompanied and upgraded under the OS1 of DES.