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Sustainable Solid waste management in Vinh Phuk Province

Field Project

Start date End date Budget Funding
01/03/2016 28/02/2019 1035200 € AFD


Environmental challenges in Vietnam related to domestic or industrial waste are considered as accurate issues for the coming years due to growing cities and industrial development. Facing a lack of available land, rural towns have difficulty in growing, developing and mobilizing land for the final treatment of their waste. Landfilling solutions which are the most often applied today are not satisfactory. Since 2012, authorities have tackled this issue through new local regulations creating environmental cooperatives to provide collection services but lack of equipments, skills, population awareness for paying such services weaken the cooperatives.

From collection to treatment and regulation, many stakeholders are involved and shall be supported. Indeed, authorities at provincial and local levels, environmental cooperatives that provide collection services, private operators involved in management of final landfills or newly bought incinerators, population, businesses, everybody has a key role to play to ensure sustainable solid waste management in the Province.


This project aims at contributing to better living conditions in 30 rural towns located in Vinh Phuk Province  through an ambitious strategy of capacity building, investments and innovative management models tackling every dimension of solid waste management, socio-economic, organisational, institutional and environmental components. It aims also at promoting sustainable solutions, networking between cooperatives and peer-to-peer exchanges.

Gret and its local partners, SDPE (Department of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), Cooperative Alliance, Song Hong Center and Institute of Water and Environment, jointly developed the project and created a Project management Unit to define strategic orientations and implement activities.