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Technical assistance to value chain development in Cao Bang Province

Technical Support

Start date End date Budget Funding
24/05/2012 31/12/2013 2475044 €


This contract aims at providing a technical assistance to a Value Chain development project implemented by Lux Dev within the framework of an action funded by IFAD.

The assignment will contribute to the program goal, which is sustainable and equitable reduction in rural poverty. In particular, the rural poor would benefit from improved market participation in urban areas of Cao Bang province. Achievement of this purpose would be expressed in farmers earning higher incomes from their farms, in poorer and landless rural people earning incomes from on- and off-farm enterprises and employment and in enterprises along value chains becoming more efficient and profitable and increasing value added.

The specific objectives of this assignment are:

Objective No 1: To strengthen capacity at all levels and stakeholders in value chains

  • Support the strengthening of a Value Chain Task Force which is formed, embedded within, and managed by DARD, and the Extension Stations established at district level (under the Provincial Extension Center housed at DARD) to ensure sustainability;
  • Substantially raise the technical capacity and management experience of responsible agencies at both provincial and district levels to implement effective pro-poor market development initiatives;
  • Integrate and build up capacity for relevant private sector actors and Business Development Service providers (if available);

Objective No 2: To increase the number of existing value chains and develop the market for selected value chains in the province

  • Widen the range and number of already existing product value chain to increase the coverage of the pro-poor market development activities at both provincial and district levels. Value chain (VC) activities are supposed to cover all 10 districts of the DBRP programme;
  • Improvement of the market development of selected value chains in the province