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Agro-ecology: evaluation methods for its effects and conditions for development

  • GTAE, Editorial committee of workshop proceedings: Sylvain Berton (Agrisud), Patrice Burger (CARI), Jean-Baptiste Cheneval (CARI), Laurent Levard (Gret), Bertrand Mathieu (AVSF)
  • Note de synthèse
  • Publisher : AFD/FFEM
  • Year : 2018
  • 19 p.
  • Language(s) : English
  • Proceedings of the exchange and methodological construction workshop. 14 th and 15 th of December 2017. Full report in French.
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This document presents the work of the exchange workshop organized on December 14 and 15, 2017 by the Working Group on Agroecological Transitions (GTAE in french) and dedicated to methods to evaluate the performance of agroecology and development conditions. The event brought together a hundred international participants – developmentactors, researchers, members of farmers’ organizations, representatives of public authorities.
The work of these two days highlighted the multiplicity of existing methods, but with the possibility of constructing a common standard for measuring the performance of agroecological systems. This involves analyzing the effects of practices and systems on different complementary scales of plot / farm / territory, using specific criteria and indicators for agri-environmental aspects (conservation of biodiversity, natural resources and soil fertility, carbon footprint, resilience to climate risks, etc.) and socio-economic aspects (income creation and added value, farm autonomy, work management, evolution of the control of resources by women and young people, product quality and economic valuation, protection of knowledge and farming cultures, etc.
Thanks to this confrontation of methods, their interests, their limits and the conditions of their implementation, the workshop resulted in the proposal by the GTAE of a first evaluation grids with the indicators and potentially mobilizable tools for the measurement of socio-economic and agro-environmental effects of agro-ecological practices and systems.