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Facilitating and managing information for rural development

information service tools, methods and experiences

This handbook is designed for rural professionals and development professionals (support NGOs, groups, farmers’ organisations, etc.) who want to set up and run information services. Information plays a decisive role in professional practices. It is vital to increase stakeholders’ knowledge and improve their skills, and as a support for action, innovation, and problem solving. For this, information must be operational, practical and immediately useable-that is to say, targeted and concise, formatted, and disseminated in appropriate formats. The major stake for information services is elaborating an offer of products and services suited to the needs of a specific public and establishing information and communication strategies that fit the development objectives of zones targeted. Increasingly, the roles of mediation and dissemination find themselves at the heart of the information specialist’s profession. This handbook presents effective working methods and tools in a simple and didactic manner. Full of examples, it covers the main issues involved in facilitating and managing information in rural areas and aims to improve information professionals’ mastery of the various aspects involved.