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Proceedings of the national workshop on agroecology transition-Laos

2nd and 3rd, June 2016, Laos

The 2 days’ workshop has been very intense and very fruitful paving the way to some common
principles, common understanding and common expectations about agroecology. There are still
some works to do in order to define in an encompassing way agroecology but it is on the right
The workshop has offered room for a lot of experience sharing from Laos. It has enabled to start
knowing each other and to present the regional dynamic that ACTAE intends to support. It also
allowed identifying some key challenges faced by farmers and that are hindering broader
promotion of agroecology.
This 1st national workshop was instrumental in laying down the foundations of a national
Lao network that will partake in a regional Agroecology Learning Alliance, bringing together all
stakeholders active in the field of agroecology.
It was the first of its kind and it is expected that others will follow to keep on networking, sharing
experiences and best practices and ultimately promote agroecology transition in the Mékong region.