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GRET Publications

Les Éditions du GRET has a catalogue of 200 titles, providing works of reference that are highly regarded by development professionals.

Coordinated by the Scientific Coordination Unit,  GRET’s publishing activity combines printed works such as Les guides pratiques (Practical guides), and electronic collections such as the Coopérer aujourd’hui (Cooperation today), Etudes et Travaux en ligne (On line Studies and Works) and Débats & Controverses (Debates & Controversies) collections. Certain publications are co-published with Karthala and Cirad.

The Guides Pratiques provide an overview of specific techniques developed through the trial-and-error experiences of projects led by GRET’s experts and their partners.

Coopérer aujourd’hui and Etudes et Travaux en ligne present feedback from the field that makes it possible to question project strategies, methods and challenges. These are presented in complex accounts of capitalization work and study & research reports.

Débats et controverses features texts drawn up following discussions (round tables, public debates, dual interviews, etc.) on current thematic subjects in the development sector.

An overhaul of GRET’s editorial agenda is currently being considered.



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