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Trade Negotiations

  • Economic Partnership Agreements and Agriculture: the Challenges for Africa

    rédigée par Laurent Levard, Gret | Coordination Sud | 2014/06 | Les notes de la C2A | 18

    The European Union (EU) has been involved for more than 10 years in negotiating Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the ACP (Africa-Caribbean-Pacific) countries. Despite pressure from the European Commission, the ACP countries have, up to now – and ...

  • Family Farming: Intra-regional trade to feed the African continent

    | Gret | 2014/03 | Politiques et Pratiques de développement | 13

    Undernourishment affects 37% of East Africans and 12% of West Africans. The continent's food needs will continue to increase sharply over the coming decades, due to demographic growth and to expected improvement in living standards. Trade between African ...

  • Agriculture and the WTO in Africa : understand to act

    Lebret, Marie-Christine ; Alpha, Arlène | Gret | 2007 | Guide pratique | 21

    The World Trade Organisation (WTO) defines rules on the international trade in goods and services, and these rules have consequences for national policies. An arena for decision that claims to be democratic, the WTO is an arena where ...