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Agricultural Development and Food Security

Seventy percent of the world’s poor live in rural parts of developing countries. Agriculture is their main source of income and employment. The economic crises coupled with the dwindling of land and water make it even harder for them to adequately ensure healthy food, and lead to massive rural exodus, a factor in economic and social instability.

To maintain profitable agricultural activity in rural areas combining the indivisible objectives of food security and sovereignty in each country, GRET promotes agricultural systems that are more socially fair and have sustainable production modes that respect natural resources, particularly land and water. It implements agricultural development projects focusing on smallholder farming support in Southeast Asia, Madagascar, Africa and South America. It supports local agricultural models that are more productive and use fewer outside inputs, making them better suited to the resources of the most fragile households.

Its approach is based equally on improving agricultural production and stock-rearing methods, diversification, and improving labor and soil productivity, notably through controlled irrigation, small-scale motorization, access to quality seeds, restoring degraded land and managing soil fertility by favoring agroecologic practices and natural crop protection, and developing services such as marketing and agricultural advice. Within each project, emphasis is placed on building the capacities of farmers’ organizations, partner national NGOs and state technical services to ensure lasting ownership of the accomplishments.