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Being an active citizen is not just about using one’s right to vote. There are other ways of acting as a citizen to reduce inequalities in access to resources, essential services, decision-making processes, opportunities, etc.

For everyone to be able to have their rights recognised and contribute to public debate on societal choices, several prerequisites are essential:

  • Becoming aware of the rights and responsibilities of all people, and access to information on rights. For example, on housing, access to health insurance, existing social services, labour law, etc.;
  • strengthening of stakeholders in associations, communities, social services and institutions, for greater inclusion of vulnerable populations;
  • access to information and knowledge via a better grasp of information technologies and influence communication;
  • promotion of dialogue between all public and private, formal and informal stakeholders, for the provision of essential public services and the defence of rights for all people, for more inclusive social policies.

Opérateurs/ONG/Bureaux d’études

Humure (Burundi), CITE (Madagascar), Other Sheep Rwanda - OSR (Rwanda), My Rights Association - MRA (Rwanda), Enda Graf-Sahel (Sénégal), Ligue Tchadienne des Droits de l’Homme (Tchad), Association Al Zahra (Yémen)

Organismes professionnels, groupements, organisations paysannes

Journalistes en Danger (Afrique centrale), Réseau des Journalistes Formateurs, Maison de la presse de Kananga (RDCongo)

Collectifs et Réseaux

Imark; SA-GE (Savoir-Gestion)

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