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Climat Change

Fighting climate change worldwide implies re-thinking modes of production and consumption in developed countries and helping developing countries adopt a lower-carbon development path that is resilient in the face of climate upsets.

Fighting climate change also implies that developed and emerging countries cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and that all countries adapt to the impacts of climate change. It is primordial that international regulatory instruments (the United Nations Framework Convention and the Kyoto Protocol) take into account development stakes and the local realities and pluralities in developing countries.

GRET has been mobilized since 2003, fueled by a desire to foster discussions on climate policy, and aware of the ties between its interventions in developing countries and climate challenges. The challenges are double: contribute to the debate on international mechanisms to fight climate change (financing, technology transfer, consideration of forests’ role in lowering GHG emissions, etc.) based on the viewpoints and experience acquired on the local level, and integrate the fight against climate change in the field projects.