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Information Management and ICTs

Access to information and information and communication technologies (ICTs) contributes to improved capacities among development actors, better structure in civil society, the development of services, and the progressive lessening of inequalities in developing countries. Despite the development of innovative services and increased use of mobile telephony, developing country populations still suffer from a shortfall in accessible information and communication services suited to their needs.

At the service of professional development actors in developing countries, GRET pays particular attention to building information management skills and mastery of technologies to ensure that these populations have better access to information and knowledge. GRET’s actions are oriented toward the provision of support for local information services and initiatives facilitating the decisions by or actions of economic and social actors, and toward the use of ICTs to facilitate learning (e-learning) and strengthen communication and information.

GRET also supports the design and development of web-based information services for development. It employs open source technologies that foster accessibility and appropriation by target populations.