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Land Tenure

Land tenure designates the relations between people for access to and control of land and natural resources. Fighting poverty also implies supporting the establishment of inclusive land policies that fulfill people’s and smallholder farming systems’ need for tenure security, and promoting local land management systems.

Securing access to land in developing countries is more than ever a topical issue. The recent large-scale land grabbing reported and decried by the media and civil society around the world has brought to the fore an issue that carries fundamental challenges for countries’ economic and social development.

GRET has worked for more than 15 years in support of land policy actors (States, local governments, civil society, farmers’ organizations, technical and financial partners) to promote new land management systems that acknowledge and secure the rights of people whose livelihoods come from the land and its resources. This support is provided through the production and dissemination of new knowledge, network animation, the provision of support to civil society actors in developing countries, and the implementation of field projects in conjunction with other areas of rural development (natural resource management, agricultural development, decentralization, etc.).