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The growth of independent, professional, responsible media contributes actively to democratic transition processes and fosters dialogue between civil society and the State. In countries in democratic transition and post-crisis countries, the media form a unique arena for public debate and the monitoring of how power is exercised.

In French-speaking Africa, the media participate in public debate but lack editorial and economic independence and up-to-date professional techniques. Applying the legal framework and the rules of the profession is a struggle. Freedom of the press and access to sources of information are not ensured in practice, limiting the media’s capacity to play their role in the process of democratic governance.

Since 1995, GRET has been active in favor of media development by running networks, providing expertise, and implementing field projects. It conducts its activities in collaboration with local partners (professional organizations, institutions). These activities are organized around crosscutting actions: continuing education, the strengthening of media self-regulation and regulation mechanisms, the development of freedom of the press, and the promotion of a business culture within the media. The projects are mainly designed according to a sectoral approach that influences the various (professional, institutional, legal, etc.) levers involved. The program’s actions also involve States to encourage the emergence of public policies on information and communication. In territorial terms, media projects are designed for the sub-regional, national and provincial levels.