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As a favored instrument of financial inclusion, microfinance serves more than 150 million low-income people worldwide, notably micro and small enterprises. Often informal, these enterprises play a leading economic role in developing countries when it comes to employment and wealth creation, and as the main path to training and employment for young people.

Faced with a steadily growing number of clients excluded from the traditional banking system, microfinance is continuing to expand and attempting to offer more suitable services, including mobile technologies for instance. In response to recent crises, microfinance actors have innovated to renew its social mission through appropriate regulation and social responsibility. For more than 20 years, GRET has supported microfinance institutions (MFIs), adopting the position of investor in several MFIs to build their capacities, develop innovative products and promote their social responsibility. It is also a key actor in disseminating sector knowledge by running the portal and as a member of the board of directors for CERISE, which conducts research and disseminates social performance monitoring for microfinance.
In the field of small enterprise support and vocational training, GRET has for 20 years supported the elaboration of quality training courses that suit local labor markets (especially in the informal sector) and dovetail with existing formal training. Since 2008, it has been testing the roll out of systems to support young people in the definition of their professional plans and job searches. One aim is to consolidate, even create, systems that move beyond sector-specific logics and are conceived in close conjunction with enterprises and public authorities so that they last.

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Institutions publiques et collectivités locales

Mauritanie : Inap-FTP, Ministère délégué auprès du Ministre de l’Education nationale chargé de l’emploi, de la formation professionnelle et des nouvelles technologies (MDEFPNT), Communauté urbaine de Nouakchott et mairies des périphéries de Nouakchott.
Opérateurs/ONG/Bureaux d’études
France : Cerise, CFSI, CIDR, Essor, Iram. Luxembourg : ADA. Belgique : ADG. Bénin : Bureau d’Appui aux artisans (BAA – Bénin). France :

Organismes professionnelles, groupements, organisations paysannes

Sénégal : RESOPP

Collectifs et Réseaux

Réseau international en ingénierie de la formation appliquée au développement local (Riifadel), Commission Éducation et formation professionnelle de Coordination SUD, groupe informel formation/insertion professionnelles.


Investisseurs et Partenaires/Société générale de Mauritanie/Apoyo Integral/Blue Orchard/Oikocredit

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