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Natural Resource Management and Energy

Promoting sustainable systems by which to manage natural resources, farming or forestry involves setting up consultation mechanisms that involve local populations, economic actors and public institutions.

Combining the preservation of biodiversity while fostering rural development is a major challenge, one which GRET helps overcome by implementing field projects, providing expertise, and supporting the elaboration of sectoral public policies that guarantee sustainable, joint management of natural resources for the benefit of local populations. It supports the search for viable, sustainable alternatives to traditional modes of farming, and is involved in research exchange and action-research programs and networks involving researchers, experts, policy makers and representatives of local organizations and civil society.

GRET acts in the field of management and co-management of protected areas. The aim is to involve all stakeholders, and in particular resident populations, in the elaboration and implementation of mechanisms that minimize income losses due to biodiversity protection. GRET is also active in the field of social water management with users’ associations, fostering the search for operational consensuses between States and users, and strengthening the capacities of users’ representatives to consolidate local ownership.