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Natural resource management and access to energy for all are major development challenges and climate change issues. They imply the need to combine preservation and good management of resources with peoples’ access and usage rights. This requires a comprehensive approach involving local populations, economic actors and public institutions.

For more than 20 years, GRET has been working in the energy sector and for sustainable, joint management of natural resources for the benefit of local populations. Its actions fit into three programs: sustainable forest management, biodiversity and protected areas, and access to energy and social water management. Each of these components covers three lines of work:

  • testing, developing and promoting natural resource (agro-forestry, forest, agricultural water) and renewable energy systems that are sustainable, economically lasting, suited to the needs and constraints of local populations, and that help preserve biodiversity and fight climate change;
  • setting up good governance of natural resources and energy through management and co-management, delegation and regulation modalities and mechanisms within institutional frameworks under construction; and
  • sharing information through training and capacity building, pooling good practices, running exchange and reflection networks.


Brésil : Imazon, Burkina Faso : Laboratoire Citoyennetés, France : Cirad ; Mali : Gersda, Senegal : Ipar.
Institutions publiques et collectivités locales
Brésil: Gouvernement de l’Amapá, Service Forestier Brésilien, Ibama.
Mauritanie : Apaus / Direction de l’électricité et de la maîtrise de l’énergie/ ministère de l’Énergie et du Pétrole, Iset / Parc national du Diawling.
Madagascar : Ader

Opérateurs/ONG/Bureaux d’études

Vietnam: Hadeva / CRD.
Cambodge: Cedac.
Bresil: CI / IEB / Idesam / Ipa.
Madagascar: WCS / WWF.
Burkina Faso: Cinesda.
Mali: Amedd.
Senegal: Imedia/ Enda Graf.
RDC : Nature + ASBL
Europe: AVSF/ Iram / SNV / Sher / Energy assistance, Enea consulting.

Organismes professionnelles, groupements, organisations paysannes

Brésil : Adafax.
Cambodge : CSI.
RDC : Centre promotionnel du paysannat.