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Strengthening Actors of Social Change

Social change comes about through the strengthening of groups of social, economic, public and institutional actors with the aim of fostering their participation in the elaboration and monitoring of programs and policies from the local to the international level. The aim is to identify these groups to make them into actors or strengthen their role in the fight against discrimination and reduce inequalities, in particular social and power inequalities.

GRET seeks to support actors of social change, defined as groups of individuals organized into groups in order to carry a social project, influence policy decisions, and help change the rules of the game for a fairer society, a better balance of power and a more inclusive common interest. To do so, GRET acts on:

  • Support actors within a given territory: local development actors and local authorities in a dynamic of local development. Local governments are both a strategic actor for territorial development and a new local public arena in which elected officials and various groups of social, economic and cultural actors can work together.
  • Run multi-actor processes addresing sectoral policies on the regional and/or national level. The support provided to multi-actor systems of various natures (networks, umbrella organizations, platforms, etc.) aims to improve their position in public debate. By positioning itself at the interface between groups of actors of different natures, GRET and its local partners can act as the catalyst for action and play a mediating role.
  • Build the capacities of one or more groups of actors, key to development: GRET helps these actors clarify their strategies, modes of organization and institutional development, and helps them improve their capacity to participate in public policy dialogue.